Gelatin Capsules and Combining Medications

Anyone who has lived with cats can tell you that they can be pretty particular and like things on their terms. Medication usually doesn’t fit those terms. While there are a bunch of strategies for giving liquid medications, this post describes simple strategies for using gelatin capsules to make your life as a cat owner a lot easier.
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Pimobendan, Dogs and Cats, and What We Learned about Compounding

Pimobendan (Vetmedin) is a drug that shows a lot of promise for congestive heart failure with pets. When Rudy's cardiologist prescribed it, he told us about another cat, who was in pretty desperate shape and losing his battle to CHF– but he responded beautifully while on pimobendan and was still doing well three years later! He nailed the right cocktail— and pimobendan was the key ingredient. Rudy also did well on pimobendan but, in the course of starting him on the medication, we unexpectedly opened up a whole new world. This short post describes what we discovered.
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Heart Failure and How the Heart and Kidney Work Together

When I first heard my vet tell me, “your cat has congestive heart failure,” I thought Rudy would be on life support and immediately ready to be put down. The image in my mind of “congestive heart failure” was an unconscious person hooked up to oxygen on a hospital bed– they had suffered a major heart attack and family members waited quietly nearby to say goodbye. As it turns out, that’s not at all what “heart failure” means. This post describes what heart failure means and how the kidney plays a vital role in managing your cat’s heart disease. Continue reading “Heart Failure and How the Heart and Kidney Work Together”

Hello World!

This web page is born following the beautiful life of our cat Rudy as he left this material world yesterday. He bravely fought congestive heart failure for ten long months and together we learned an incredible amount of information about this terrible disease. Rudy lasted many more months than he would have without the endless hours of research and preparation that went into his care. There were also plenty of lessons learned along the way– information I wish I knew just a few weeks earlier. If sharing this information can help any pet owner facing this illness or help just one more cat enjoy a few more happy moments, I believe that Rudy shall not have died in vain. Continue reading “Hello World!”